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About the Blog: The Visibility Blog features writings, reviews, artwork, news, and other contributions by and/or about AAPI students, faculty, staff, and community members at UNM and beyond. The aim of this blog is to provide visibility to our often invisibilized experiences. It also provides an opportunity for our community publish their work, be seen, and be heard.

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image-for-sunandita-blog.jpgI Love You Even When It’s Not AAPINH Month

By Sunandita Santhanam    | May 25th, 2023




Usually, I would start with a picture of myself that captures how deeply I love my South Asian culture - but nothing I’ve taken this year encompasses how I feel or what I want to say - so here is a photograph that I love.





KOAT Featured Intro to Asian American Studies Class at UNM 

By Breana Albizu Reporter | MAY 16th, 2023

It allows Asian American students to have a systemic, historical, cultural, interdisciplinary, [and] critical understanding of their own identity," Farah Nousheen, senior student success specialist at the university's Asian American and Pacific Islander Resource Center (AAPIRC), said.






Future View

By John San Nicolas | July 20th, 2022

Hi All! My name is John San Nicolas. (Fun fact: “Santa Claus” is an anglicization of my last name!) I am a second-year undergrad at UNM, majoring in Religious Studies and Philosophy. I enjoy thinking about life and what it means to live well.






John San Nicolas | Photo Credit - Tyler Esping, 2021 



A Word from Dr. Hooi-Ling Lee






By Dr. Hooi-Ling Lee | June 28th, 2022

Hello! I am Hooi-Ling Lee, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar from Malaysia. Malaysia is a multiracial country consisting of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other native ethnicities. As such, speaking different languages and dialects is very common in Malaysia. Though I often travel to foreign countries, I never feel lonely as I will always meet Asians through my daily life activities or interactions. Hence, I have an impression that Asians are everywhere in the world.


Fulbright Scholar Dr. Hooi-Ling Lee 



What is America's Perception of Korea?    

By Charlotte Auh | June 15th, 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte Auh. I have been a student employee with AAPIRC for about 8 months (I’m also the creator of these newsletters, so I hope you’ve been enjoying them!). My portion will cover episodes of the podcast: Asian American History 101 created as a response to pandemic-related Anti-Asian racism and hosted by daughter-father team Gen and Ted. Listen to the podcast here!






 Charlotte in traditional Korean hanbok



The Murder of Vincent Chin


By Charlotte Auh | July 6th, 2022 

It is no secret that Asian American/Pacific Islander history is often overlooked, improperly told, or villainized in American history books. Even though the topic of today’s blog was monumental and crucial for Asian Americans at the time, many of us are probably asking, “Vincent Who?”. The 35th episode of the Asian American History 101 podcast hosted by Gen and Ted Lai covers The Murder of Vincent Chin.  



Vincent Chin, killed at age 27 




Joji Returns with "A Glimpse of Us"

By Jacob Olaguir | June 28th, 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Jacob Olaguir and I recently started working for AAPIRC this summer. For this week's Visibility Blog, I wanted to talk about the newest song by Japanese singer Joji. This is one of my favorite Asian artists and I have followed his career since I was in high school. It is amazing to see a Japanese artist make it into the mainstream of western culture. If you visit AAPIRC this week you might see a vinyl hanging on the wall of Joji's freshman album “BALLADS 1” which was released October 26, 2018.


Cover Art of Joji's "A Glimpse of Us"